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Who Are Your Kenyan EDM Artists in 2017

today28th June 2017

The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene in Kenya is a time bomb and the clock’s ticking fast.  We thought we could give you a glimpse of Kenyan EDM artists/producers  you may have heard of or if not, we recommend that you start following them because they aren’t backing down any time soon.  This post, however, is by far not rewarding enough to the exact amount of talent within us. Probably why you should in more often – we have loads of Kenyan EDM.
We’re getting you a list of 9 blazing Kenyan EDM artists and music (of course). Worth mentioning, the listing is NOT done by any rank nor is it our conclusive view of who’s who in the Kenyan EDM Scene.

So, who are your Kenyan EDM artists?

Beats on steroids, Crow has a way of calling you for more, which he offers. Try Freedom, a track that borrows vocals from Martin Luther King’s historical “I have a Dream” Speech, laid on African vibes. (Wait for the saxophone).  Freak of the Tribe is also another banger.More of Crow’s Tracks.

He recently released his debut album, Phases. He is a 19 year old Progressive House producer, remixer & DJ. His music will evoke some interest due to the precision and skill. Check out Issues from the album, his  remix to Lost in You by Quintino & Nervo… More of Retroricky’s tracks.

Kamaru’s appearance cannot go unnoticed. His distinct style of music is the right dose for all of us EDM heads. Having just released a blazing new track with Jon Thomas, Eternal Summer, KMRU is one to watch out for. Check out Nancynan or his remix to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you… More of KMRU’s tracks.

With the sign of a Lion, Dj and Producer Mura KE is a multi-genre music maker. His latest EP, Excuse My Language shows just how serious he is. Check out his remixes to  Open Doors by Khaligraph and Live and Die in Africa… here’s more from Mura Ke.

She’s among the few females who make EDM in Kenya (Only one as far as the EDM Lion is concerned – I stand to be corrected though). Her soundcloud has been silent for a while and we hope she’s readying up for something massive. Check out her track, Sign or her remix to Philip George – Wish You were mine. More tracks from Chelsea

Made of Dj Fita and Mahemba. Check out the Duo’s Untitled EP on Sound Safari Records.  Msemo wa Kiswahili is uses Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta’s samples to preach peace and unity. Tragedies of Africa uses PLO Lumumba’s vocals samples to talk about… well, just that, Tragedies of Africa.

St. Evo the Myth is the is the progenitor and chief pioneer of the new sound in town called Equatorial House, a sound that is rooted to the indigenous equatorial of Africa. (Just great, ain’t it?) With loads of albums, his latest Le Baptême EP is out.  Check out  Toshi x Afro Warriors – Uyankenteza (Saint Evo’s Equatorial Remix) among others while at it.

A producer with perhaps one of the most unique and distinct perspective to electronic music. “Music for the noiseless few to whom words are unnecessary. “ Worth noting, all his music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International! Check out his latest album, A favourite, Paradise Rain! More tracks from Alex.Immer.

Retro is a HipHop, Trap and EDM producer from Nairobi. His debut album, R3trobution was released on the 7th of June. The 10-track album encapsulates HipHop, Trap, Tropical House, Future bass, Progressive House and Moombah genres of music. Check out his remix to Hunter  by Galantis and Nyashinski’s Now You Know. 


The EDM Lion will be back with more on Kenyan EDM. Keep it LionafriQ Radio!!
|Live. Love. Music|

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