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A louder Roar in 2020: A look at 2019

today19th January 2020


In 2020, the Lion will roar Louder into Africa’s and the Worlds EDM jungle. As the industry grows here in Kenya, we inspire, guide, facilitate and lead the efforts by both our established and upcoming Producers and DJs to get their music out there. Are you wondering who to partner in releasing your next music? Contact us on ( ) or join our WhatsApp group ( to learn more. We’ve made strides in 2019. Now we Kipchoge ourselves into 2021. Ama Niaje?

Some of the coolest EDM beats that jammed our 2019 playlist you should definately listen to are;

  1. Oyiono Aloka-Kanungo Eteko [Bubah House Remix]

Even double left-footed people just rise up to the Kanungo beat, with or without an understanding of what the music is about. So it’s without wonder that this remix by Bubah house ( tops our list of most viewed videos on our channel in 2019. The remix starts off on some pretty hard notes, a faded background and a good base which then eases off to a smoother gentler feel towards the end. A good listen for 2020.

2. Stacy Kamatu ft. Kashan – Way You Move

Few words can describe the magical fusion of Stacy Kamatu’s ( magical voice and Kashan’s beat. Way you move is a great relaxing piece of art for a Chill morning. ]\

3. Wicky Mosh- Atoti (L3GS Deep Remix) | Kenyan EDM

90s kids will fondly remember Atoti as a favourite jam by Wicky Mosh and GidiGidi Maji Maji. Well, this L3GS Deep Remix brings it back to the fore. If I were to tell you the truth, Justice is served. Have a listen

4. Nameless- Inspire me- [Mura K.E Moombahton Remix]

Ngoja tu beat ianguke alafu give him a shoutout here. One of the cleanest and dopest drops you’ll find around. Good Job MURA.

5. Nviiri the Storyteller – Pombe Sigara (R3tro Remix)

Pombe sigara is a reflection of society (Kioo cha jamii). You can feel R3tro on the chords at exactly 00:39. It’s bliss from thereon. Those lazy drives and rides don’t have to be lazy any more. Bounce to a tune. Sing to it. To this tune.

6. And after that-Sichangi Ft. Kahvinya & Harawa

Begins with a cool chill step beat before the beautiful female vocal seeps into the overhanging beat and tune. A bit of hip-hop and back to the female vocal. This piece is definitely well thought out. Almost feels like the coming together of a massive orchestra is the bush.

Other great tunes are?

7. Sauti Sol ft. Nyashinski – Short N Sweet (Vic J Cover/Party Mix) | [Moombahton]

8. Sauti Sol – Short N’ Sweet ft. Nyashinski (LYTAZ Remix)

9. Tupac – Changes (KGBeats Deep House Remix)

10: Nadia Mukami – African Lover (DYLVN Moombahton Remix)

Written by: LionafriQ Team



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