KePiano: Sineti and Veloso’s New Album ‘IT’S OUR TURN TO EAT’

today13th April 2023


We are thrilled to announce the release of ‘IT’S OUR TURN TO EAT,’ a new album by Kenyan artists Sineti and Veloso. This nine-track album is a fusion of a Kenyan rhythms and sounds and Amapiano, which the artists have named KePiano, meaning ‘Amapiano made in Kenya.’

Amapiano is a genre of house music that originated in South Africa and has since gained a massive following across Africa and the world. Sineti and Veloso have taken this genre and infused it with Kenyan rhythms and sounds to create music so spectacular. 

The album includes a variety of songs that highlight the duo’s amazing production as well as amazing vocals and collabs from other artists. The album features vocals and colabs  from Polaris , Jimito Baaba, Vanessa PymLaika Jeroni , Nelly the Goon , Eugine OmondiJaqueen, Thencho, B.A and MoH.  Each tune, from the mellow “No simping” to the introspective “Sidai,” has its own flavor and intensity. Other standout tunes include “Ulala,” ““Believe it” and “Pressure.”

We are proud to feature the album mix on our Youtube channel. Stream Below. 

In addition to their incredible music, Sineti and Veloso are also active on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their daily lives and creative process. You can connect with Sineti on Instagram , Twitter, and Apple Music, and with Veloso on Instagram.

Written by: LionafriQ Team



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