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Top 20 international EDM tracks of 2019, so far

today3rd July 2019


The top 20 EDM tracks we think we’re super cool for the better half of 2019.

2019 has been a booming EDM year, well, that’s cause we love music, and we need it every day. The year has gotten us dancing to the sounds of music legends such as Kygo and David Guetta, also with upcoming names with potential artists such as Mike Williams and Lost Kings. Internationally, EDM music has developed into an age that it has gotten more known and more accepted. Here are the top 20 international EDM tracks of 2019 so far:

20. Tove Lo ft Flume, Say it ; The collabo by Flume and Tove Lo sounds just like a normal track until you listen to it. It is the entry that wasn’t expected, but honestly, it is a track you’d love.

19. Andrew Bayer, Hold on to you; Obviously, we had to have one for the trance fans. The song is really calming and gives a rare sensation. Recommended: Listen while travelling staring out the window.

18. Jonas Blue, Tiesto and Rita Ora, Ritual; The song came as it made an entry into almost all of the EDM lists, and it is likely to stay there if not go higher. Imagining Jonas and Tiesto on the same list with Rita Ora is fascinating, and listening to the three of them is better.

17. Hardwell I’m not Sorry ft. Mike Williams; The electronic icon Hardwell had to be in the list with his drops. The song is the perfect listen for this summer mood, and probably for the rest of the year, if not the rest of your life.

16. Chainsmokers, Call You mine ft. Bebe Rexha; The Chainsmokers are on top of the charts to stay. Teaming up with Bebe Rexha, their production is a song that gets you twitching on your seat. And Bebe’s Rexha voice, I’m speechless.

15. Here with me, Marshmello ft CHVRCHES; Can I tell you something. just between you and me? And you know the song is going to be something. The team-up shows the talent Marshmello has and CHVRCHES was the right amount of salt to the perfect dish, enjoy.

14. Who do you love ft. 5 seconds of summer Chainsmokers; The song questions a lady, in a way that 5 seconds of summer would. But it is on this rank cause the Chainsmokers added a pint of the Electro touch, end result= Awesome.

13. Wiz Khalifa X Lost Kings X Social House, Don’t kill my high; Well yes, Wiz Khalifa in an EDM song again. The kind of song that will get you high, not because it has Wiz Khalifa.

12. Kygo, I’m not okay; The kind of song that would get one in their feelings. The new song by Kygo is just, amazing, just as expected. Kygo just doesn’t relate to dissapointing.

11. Calvin Harris, Giant ft. Rag Bone Man; The song is just something different. Calvin Harris tried something new here, and honestly, it’s working, maybe too much.

10. Marshmello Tyga & Chris Brown; Light it up; If you probably are not a fan of EDM and just found yourself here, this would probably be a great selection for you. Chris Brown recently released album indigo is booming, turns out this song is not in the list, but it is in this one.

9. Audien ft. Echosmith, favourite Sound; After a while, we seem to have two icons that went underground for a while, back in the charts. Favorite sound is a song that explain how good it should be to be you, in a world that is really messed up. Besides that, we are glad to have these two entertaining us.

8. Gryffin ft. Illenium and Daya; The typical Gryffin, teaming up with Daya and Illenium. A song that will expose your soft spot, but get you dancing to the drop.

7. Jonas Blue, What I like about you; You must probably be wondering at what rank this song would be in. the third entry by Jonas Blue in this list, well, there should be more, the boy’s a genius.

6. Martin Garrix X Mattise and Sadko & Alex Aris, Mistaken; The list itself speaks of the place the song should be ranked. The typical progressive house song. A genre that almost sounds like classics these days, but gets to the heart. The voice of Alex makes the song even more desirable.

5. Mattisse and Sadko ft. Aspyer, don’t tell me; Mattisse & Sadko are consecutive in this rank, and that is how good they are, and their songs too. PS: The song that will get you in the ‘I’m not giving up on you’ vibe.

4. Avicii, SOS ft. Aloe Blacc; The late Legend still lives, in our hearts. And even in our playlists. An iconic production, with the two teaming up again, one in spirit, the other in flesh. Don’t cry yet ;-).

3. Kygo, Rita Ora, Carry on; Rita and Kygo appearing again. This song is magical, being a theme song in POKEMON’s Detective Pikachu. And also featured with Charlie Puth, if you did not know.

2. David Guetta ft. Brooks & Loote, Better When You’re Gone; The song, is magical. But come on, what do you expect? David Guetta and Brooks are together in the song. The song will probably help you, if you’re going through a breakup, in a manner that you will enjoy.

1. Martin Garrix ft. Macklemore and Patrick Stump; Summer Days; A summer song for summer, is that the reason it is number 1?? Well, maybe. Who would see it that Garritsen and Macklemore would produce a song together?

Written by: LionafriQ Team



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