10 EDM Remixes of Kenyan Classics & Old School Songs – #TBT

today29th June 2020


‘Classics Never Die’ is a common adage and to music as well. On this Throwback Special post, we handpicked some Kenyan Classic tunes now remixed to provide a modern feel while still evoking the nostalgia. 

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1. EchoE – Kabaka [Trap]

New Music, this one, posted on the 16th of June. EchoE expresses himself about the track, “‘Kabaka’ is a remix from the Famous African King of Twist himself Daudi KabakaAn ode to Daudi Kabaka, which has alot of message especially now. We are married to different kinds of things within the systems in place which have continually harassed and battered us. It is time the world is waking to these evils and saying it’s enough. Change imefika bro, na vitu havibadiliki na maneno bali kwa vitendo.”

2. Mr. LU – My Heart Is in Limuru [Trap]

A personal favorite, this is Mr. Lu’s rendition of Kikuyu Classic’s ‘Ngoro Yakwa I Limuru’ (meaning my heart is in Limuru).
The track is about this young man drunk in love who sings about his love who’se in Limuru. 
Vibe on! 

3. Tonii Vendetta – Angelike Twisti [Dubstep/Trap]

Vendetta’s trap remake maintains the nostalgic instruments but couple these with some thick fat kicks,  to say the least, and a nasty drop! On top of that, this creative was kind enough to make a video for the remake. 

4. KRWR – Daudi Interlude [Trap]

Still on Daudi Kabaka, this remix is enriched with a trappy feel and a moombah finish. KRWR is notorious for some interesting switches amid his music. Listen up and see what he did to this track.

5. Limuru Gospel Singers – Andu Aria Athingu (THY DYLVN Moombahton Remix) 

Growing up in a religious background, I’ve heard various renditions of this track all through churches and what not. Dylan made a sick Moombahton remix for this jam. The bass is heavy so turn that up on your equalizer settings.  

6. Joseph Kamaru – Twathiaga Tukenete (THY DYLVN Moombahton Remix)

Another well known track by the Legendary Joseph Kamaru telling tales of the adventures he had in a safari. Redone by DYLVN on a Moombahton beat, we wonder what seniors would say of this remix. For us, This is certainly a huge makeover.

7. Wicky Mosh – Atoti (L3GS Deep Remix) [Afro House]

I have no idea what Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji say in the track, but I know Atoti must be a goddess! L3GS music made an afrohouse remix to the track in 2018 and it’s hard to forget it.

8. Nyota Ndogo ft Necessary Noize – Nataka Toa (Hitmaker Tk2 Remix)

The sax on this remix makes it sound really good, probably having you wonder where this sensation, Nyota Ndogo is. The old school reggae vibe infused by the Necessary Youth is still on giving that Nolstalgic feel. 

9. Samawati Band- Ngore Makomete (Pinch 254 Bootleg) [Progressive House]

The old track would certainly do better with some mixing but then, the audio render lets you know this is a classic tune.  This jam was later redone by Samawati Band. Pinch’s progressive remix then gave the track an extra punch. 

10. Nameless, Amani – Ninanoki (XtetiQsoul’s Club Mix) [Afro House]

XtetiQsoul real name, Siyabonga Ziqubu is a South African born Dj/Producer. His remix to Nameless and Amani’s track definitely deserves a place on this list. 

Written by: The Sheriff



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