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today23rd August 2019


We’re flexing about our playlists to up our music for a saucy listening experience. What’s new is that we’ve got space for anyone who wan’t to share their music with us. This includes both mixes and single tracks. Worth pointing out, we’re an Electronic Music Radio, and so, we tend to favour music withing the sub-genres of Electronic Music (EDM).

Individual tracks can be submitted via our Submission Page. Please ensure music is of high quality (256 – 320 kbps) with a max size of 20 Mb and with embedded MP3 Meta Tags. We go through each track looking out for quality composition and mastering. Only quality music will be added onto our playlists

We welcome exclusive mixes! These can only be submitted via our Google Drive Folder, which is not public. Provide your email through the submit page and we’ll provide you access to the folder where you can drop mixes regularly.

A confirmation email will be sent when music has been added to LionafriQ Playlists or when access to the Drive Folder is provided.

You can always tag us online on new releases or a followback! Follow our profiles below.

We do not rip music from social media sites such as mixcloud or youtube. Please avoid sharing links with such intent. If so, we can only share or add your music to our online playlists. 🙂

Written by: LionafriQ Team



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