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101 With Kenyan EDM Artist: Sketch Mazing

today7th February 2018

If you’re an avid Kenyan EDM fan, then the stagename Sketch Mazing (LT Beats) is certainly not new. I first encountered Sketch on a trap beat, but this has changed with time, showcasing his fluidity in the beat-making skills. Real name, Michael Kiruti, Sketch is an EDM producer and remixer from Nairobi.

I caught up with Sketch and did some quick 101. Check this out.

What style of music do you identify with, and do you pursue a specific theme in your art? 
Trap, chillstep, dubstep and Tropical house . No i don’t. I have different themes in the different genres that i do.

Currently what is the Greatest thing that has happened in your musical career?
Collaborating with a well know artist in the industry and that’s one Kavyo Kforce in the track Stamina.

How has your musical journey been? Have you faced any challenges?
It’s been tough. …haven’t gotten much exposure so far and am currently only able to reach an audience of less than 2 thousand. The main challenge has been marketing of music.

What do you do outside music?
 I am an animator and motion graphic artist. (Check out @Vizor Studios)

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to?
Fabian Mazur, Jahlil beats and Kygo.

What should we look forward to from you?
Amazing music just as my stage name suggests
What can’t you do without?
Earphones and anime
What (about society) bugs the hell out of you? Why?
Good upcoming kenyan artists getting less support than bogus boring mainstream artists. (That’s deep – let’s support our own!)
Parting Words?
Let’s take our music to the next level!! (Heck yeah!)
Just a day before this post was made, the Remix EP to Prince Austin’s Alone (ft. Nen Albright) was released. Contributing artists were Sketch Mazing, Kim Crow, Psychod3lis, Hendrick and Prince Austin.
Here’s Sketch Mazing’s remix. What do you think? Check out the Remix EP here.

Sketch Mazing on Soundcloud


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Written by: LionafriQ Team



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